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I'm an Austrian photographer dedicated to capture the perfect moment. It doesn’t matter if its portrait photography or shooting sports, for me there is always that one moment where emotions, timing, light and everything else works together perfectly. It can be a challenge to capture the right moment, but if you do, it’s worth everything.

Specializing in lifestyle and portrait photography, I try to capture authentic moments. I love shooting people who have a passion. A real connection with my model allows me to create emotions and to communicate a vision and values in an authentic and honest way.

Growing up in a small village in Austria, I picked up a camera early on with a need to capture all the beauty around me. Specializing in photography, I graduated from a high school called ‘Die Graphische’. I’ve learned a lot working as a photo assistant on all kinds of productions with photographers in New York City, Santa Barbara, Prague, and Vienna.

Several years of shooting assignments and working on personal projects has allowed me to gain experience with either shooting small projects or working with bigger productions, always delivering specific needs.

Having fun on set and creating beautiful work with passionate people is what drives me every day.

Selected Clients

Red Bull, Terra Mater Magazin, Hawlett Packard Enterprise, Tricentis, Open House Wien, Le Meridien, Tanzschritt Magazin, Holzkitz, Vera Pure