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I'm an Austrian photographer dedicated to capture the perfect moment. It doesn't matter if it's with sports photography or with portraits, there is always this one moment where everything works together the right way. It can be a challenge to get that moment right but the reward when it's perfect is even bigger.

Born in Austria I picked up a camera pretty early to capture all the beauty around me. Starting at the Federal Training and Research Institute for Graphic,  Art and Media – a high school specializing in photography – brought me one step closer to achieving my goal to become a photographer. 

Over the years I have worked with several photographers in New York City, Santa Barbara, Prague and Vienna. That allowed me to get an insight into the profession, get connections and learn a lot from amazing photographers.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or to grab a drink.
I'm going to get back to you as soon as possible.

email: ulrich@ulrichaydt.com | phone: (+43) 699 17208833

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Selected Clients

Hawlett Packard Enterprise
Le Meridien
Open House Wien
Red Bull
Tanzschritt Magazin
Vera Pure